Friday, August 22, 2014

Student Teaching: Meeting My Cooperating Teachers

Just one month ago, I was in a near panic over the oncoming student teaching tasks. I had no real reason to be so freaked out, I know I am a solid lesson planner, and am reasonably good at classroom management and getting along with others. I also know that while maintaining a semblance of a life is important to me, I will work as hard as I can.

I was nervous about meeting my teachers. I have had four field experiences prior to this, and only one of them left me really excited about becoming a teacher myself. Student teaching is not at all like the real world, which is good in many ways, but bad in that even though you take over teaching the class, it still isn't your class. You have to really conform to what they believe is the right way of doing things, and if they have a very set idea about that, it can be stressful.

I can say now I have met both of my cooperating teachers for the fall, and I feel incredibly fortunate. My first teacher is in fourth grade, in a more rural school district, and my kids will be a whole different demographic than what I am used to. She seems incredibly supportive, and also relaxed, which tells me she is open to ideas and letting me figure things out how they will work for me. She also has a lot of experience in multiple grade levels, and I am looking forward to learning her techniques as well. I spent four half days helping her in her classroom, prepping, and attending an open house to meet some of the students and their parents. While I am still nervous, getting to know her, other teachers, the school, and meeting the kids has taken a lot of the stress out of it.

My second teacher was a lot harder to pin down, due to some emailing challenges. But I met her today, and she seems just as lovely as my other teacher. She is in second grade, and the layout of the school is very different. One of my classmates had her for pre student teaching last year and loved her, so despite not spending as much time, I am feeling very good about starting that experience in October as well.

Monday is my half day seminar at the college, I start Tuesday in my first placement. I feel ready.

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