Saturday, August 30, 2014

Student Teaching: The First Week

Now I know why school districts make the first week short, usually.

Three days and I was so exhausted to my core, and it felt like the longest week ever. But definitely not in a bad way. It was more like I was "on" so much, and absorbing so much new information, that by the time the day was done my feet literally felt like they would fall off and I was just too tired to do a whole lot of anything. I am told that will change as I get more used to things, and as I start taking over teaching.

This week, I am starting off by taking over social studies lessons. It is one of the easier subjects in many ways, though it is actually the least scripted (as they do not have a program they use specifically, and a basal reader to go with it), but for me that is actually good. That means it is a subject I have some freedom in, freedom for projects and stuff. There is nothing wrong with the basal reader lessons, but the college expects us to be doing these revolutionary lessons. I am still not totally sure how much I am supposed to stick to these programs. I don't want to derail the curriculum for weeks, as all 6 fourth grades do the same thing for the most part.

I am surprisingly not nervous most days. Leaving at 6:45 when I DON'T have dog sitting and have to leave earlier is kind of killer, but I think all of the mental prep was good. I am set to finish reading my "for fun" book next week, I took a bath, and walked 4 times this week. Well, I walked on the days I didn't have school. My feet couldn't handle anything more.

This week the goal is to cook a little more as my feet hopefully adjust. I am almost finished my lesson plans for this coming week to be submitted tomorrow, and will spend the rest of the long weekend hopefully getting ahead on lessons for the following week, cooking, cleaning, and relaxing. Once Upon A Time season 3 is now on Netflix and I have been enjoying Criminal Minds.

First week down, 6 more to go for this experience.

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