Monday, October 27, 2014

Student Teaching: Second Placement, Week 1

Last Monday I went to a brand new school to go work with second grade. I have to say, the class couldn't be more different from my last one. Both great, just in very different ways. These second graders need a lot of guidance when dealing with their emotions, and I am going to miss the focus and attention the fourth graders always gave. That said, I have really missed second grade. I love that I don't have to learn any crazy techniques I never learned as a kid to teach math class, and grammar concepts are actually useful. Even more, I love how interactive the lessons are naturally.

I also love that this district is nearby, and starts much later than my last district, so I have nearly an hour and a half longer in the morning to get things done. It really is a thing of beauty. I find myself with SO much more energy in the mornings, feeling more prepared for my lessons, and at the end of the day I am home by 4. Granted, when I go home, there is work to be done...but it is the kind of work I CAN do at home.

So far, I am pretty happy. I took over teaching Math on Friday, am starting taking over Intervention today, and will take over Science on Wednesday. It is crazy that I have been there one week, and in another week I might be teaching all day already. It is even crazier that I actually feel really confident in doing so. I still can't wait to finish, and apply for real work, but I have a feeling the next 6 weeks will fly!

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