Friday, October 17, 2014

Ipsy: October 2014

Another great month from Ipsy, mostly due to the diversity of the products. They are usually pretty good about that, and there is only one I plan to give away.

The bag is a gorgeous fall color, a cool teal, but it has that on-the-side zipper thing that to me is harder to work with. I find I fit less into these types of bags, but no biggie. I will use it, or put it in my give-away pile. Most normal people don't have a bajillion little makeup bags and love getting them for free.

Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadow in Graphite Frost - Full sized, value: $3.99
Some inexpensive drugstore products are amazing. Over half of my lippies are from the drugstore, and I routinely pass over more expensive products for drugstore formulas and shades. For me, this one wasn't it. It is a gray color with a light light pink veining color, which pulls a cool toned gray on me. It is beautiful and shimmery, but I have a similar color already and when I went to rub the swatch on my hand it was very sheer. Perfect for a lot of friends I know who prefer more subtle colors. This is why I always freshly wash my hands before touching a product for the first case it is the only time!

Indie Lee Brightening Face Wash - 0.5oz value: $4.00
I haven't used this yet, but I've found most cleansers are usually pretty good. This one gets good reviews so I stuck it in my travel bag where I keep all the tiny products for when I pet sit. I avoid opening products I don't intend to use up right away so the ingredients don't go bad, so I am saving this one for now.

Noyah Lipstick in Deeply In Mauve - 0.15g - estimated value ~$5.00
I couldn't find the grams for a full size lipstick, which retails for $18.00, but this is a fairly substantial sample sized lipstick. It is also the standout of this entire bag. It is all natural, the color is this mauvey brown as the name would suggest, making it perfect for fall. Above all else, it is the creamiest lipstick I might have ever tried. It has a lot of waxes in the ingredients list, and it is very much a creamy lipstick with a creamy feel. The color payoff is absolutely outstanding - I will be investigating these in full size for sure.

Ecru New York Acacia Protein BB Cream for hair - 1oz - value: $12.00
This is technically a small "full size" version as this is available to purchase in this size from the Ecru website, though if you get the large size it is $7.14 per ounce. I kind of hate how sizing works when it comes to that. I use natural haircare for the most part, but will be putting that aside to give this a try. It has a lot of natural ingredients and while I don't buy into the whole "BB" craze (just get one from Asia - the US ones suck), particularly for hair, I will certainly give this a try for travel.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin- 0.67oz - value: $6.56
This is another that is available in the small size, but per ounce is worth $3.30 when you buy a larger tube. And despite having to do a little hunting, another tube is a MUST. Like the lipstick, this product is remarkable. It smells heavenly, has natural ingredients, but as you rub it in feels almost like water. I have NEVER used a hand cream that was effective and rubbed in completely within three minutes.

This bag was exceptional - I usually am excited to try the products, but in two cases, I was exposed to new brands that have awesome products that are so great I will be repurchasing full sizes at some point. It actually isn't the most high-impact bag in terms of value, but still well worth my ten bucks.

Paid: $10.00
Value: $23.43- $31.55

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