Monday, December 15, 2014

End Of Student Teaching

So the past three weeks have been totally insane. I finished out student teaching and got a TON of the sweetest cards from my adorable second graders. I managed to finish up my portfolio which ended up taking so much more time than I anticipated. Then I came to my parents' to visit, and that is where I still am.

I've spent the past week reading a ton and visiting family and friends. It hasn't really sunk in that student teaching is over, really. I've mostly been resting a lot, trying to decompress from the whole experience. Once I get back to Bethlehem on Thursday, I will need to gear up for the new year. Applications to contract positions, getting signed up to sub, dog sitting, and apartment overhaul cleaning are all on the menu. It will take a little bit for my certification to come in, but I actually think I will very much need that time to get organized while it does.

Also on the agenda is to get back into trying to eat healthier and exercise more. Even though it is cold out, I am actually FAR more a cold weather person than warm, so I am hoping that I will get a lot more walking in with having days off. I didn't lose as much weight this fall as I was hoping, with the yo-yo effect student teaching stress had on my weight, but I am excited to restart. I have a list full of recipes I want to try now that I have a little more time, I am rediscovering colors in terms of my makeup wardrobe, and generally really hopeful about everything to come.

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