Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exercise Revamp: Couch to 5k

So now that I have more time on my hands, time to get back to being serious about my weight, nutrition, and fitness. I have gone back to tracking my food intake, and have been hunting for some fun recipes. But the most revolutionary development is my sudden desire to try to become a runner.

Up until a week ago, I would tell you that you'd only see me running if something was chasing me. Unfortunately, I am so out of shape, something chasing me wouldn't have to work very hard to catch me as I am now. Part of the challenge of running for me is my general size. Carrying the extra weight makes running tough. But I downloaded the free couch to 5k program on my new iphone 5s, and did the first day today.

The workout is 30 minutes total, but there are 5 walking warm up minutes at the beginning and 5 cool down at the end. For the middle 20 minutes, there was jogging 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds alternating. I felt I needed more of a warm up though, so I added 5 minutes, and I DEFINITELY needed a longer cool down so I added 10 minutes to the end. Overall it was a 45 minute workout. I typically walk 20 minute miles, and my average mileage was 19mph so I am not exactly the quickest runner. I am glad to find out I don't run more slowly than my brisk walk though - apparently for others like me who are running newbies, oftentimes running is slower than walking even if it is tougher.

But, I am not worried. Speed supposedly will come on its own. My plan is to do the plan 3 times a week as scheduled, and just do my normal 30 minute walks on off days as weather permits to keep my muscles loose. I did the whole Week 1 Day 1 as it was laid out, no extra breaks, and I will keep progressing until/unless I hit a day where I can't do it as it is laid out. Then, I will just repeat that day until I can do it. There is no rush for me to finish this program in  8 weeks just because this is an 8 week program.

I feel really accomplished.

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