Wednesday, December 17, 2014

iPhone Revamp?

So, it was bound to happen eventually. My iPhone 4 took a beautiful dive into the sink, straight into a bowl that was soaking and therefore full of water. It was removed immediately, but clearly this is a scary prospect. I have clients who need to be able to communicate with me, and might be trying and I am ignoring them. I am also applying for teaching positions, and can't send out any apps or resumes until I have a phone number to call. I am normally so careful with it, but accidents happen to the best of us.

Luckily, my family was up for renewal less than a month from now, making us eligible for new phones. After convincing my father that yes, the plan we have is perfect for us, and no, other plans or special deals would not be deals for us because they no longer offer our plan anymore and we are grandfathered in. The current options would leave the family paying about 20 more per month at least, not less.

So, I am going in the morning to pick out my new phone. The iphone 5c is what comes free, 8GB. I loved my 4, but found in the last 6 months I used up the memory more often than I liked. I am debating paying an extra fifty bucks to get the 5c with 32GB, which seems like serious overkill, or paying a hundred to get the 16GB 5s. A newer model, more data to a reasonable level, but is it really that much better or different?

Not really sure. I am sure I will really love whatever I pick, and I am sure I will be MUCH more careful with my phone near water in the future.

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