Sunday, September 28, 2014

Student Teaching, Week 5

Student teaching is exhausting.

I am so so thankful to have one of the best cooperating teachers to help make it as educational and supportive as possible, but I have to say, my weekends (and evenings) are getting less and less restful as time goes on.

I am now the full time teacher, though my cooperating teacher is usually in the room with me. Math is still kind of a pain in the butt to teach, but Reading has replaced it as being the bigger challenge. Doing grammar lessons, going over homework, doing spelling/vocab stuff, writing, and guided reading in two hours is just insane. Oftentimes we just don't do writing, which saddens me, because I think it is the best program this district employs. Read alouds 2-3 days per week, which even in fourth grade the kids love, and a lot of time for independent writing. I am often rather weak in the grammar lessons, and am still working on it, because it seems impossible to go over a grammar concept for fifteen or so minutes per day.

However, even as I get stressed out from time to time, overall most days go rather well. I am still struggling trying to get my college supervisors to realize that there isn't much room or time to get much more creative with lessons, and I am being videotaped this week, but I am trying not to worry about any of that. There is no real reason to - they will say what they will say, and the video doesn't count towards my grade overall. I am starting a unit I developed on Inventions this week, so hopefully there will be something exciting for them to see.

Two more weeks. I will miss this school, and these kids, despite being excited to start from scratch somewhere else.

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