Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life Fail

So, as fast as things can go well, they can start to get all weird and messed up as well. Nothing earth-shattering, but plenty that can leave a person (me, anyway) kind of bummed and frustrated.

Guy from the amazing date has pulled a disappearing act. Not much more to be said there, beyond me being a little surprised. I have experienced fade-aways before, they are common in the world of internet dating, but I have never experienced it when dealing with a guy who was SO into things. Oh well, it sucks, but it happens. There is still hope for my romantic life that I did not have before, so it wasn't all bad.

My computer is broken. It is a TERRIBLE time for my computer to be broken given the job applications I am trying to put out. When my charger is attached to the computer, it is a bit loose at the port. I have no idea if the issue is the computer or the charger, but I am hoping with all of my might that it is the charger because I can't afford fixing the computer. I have an appointment to get it diagnosed in an hour, and I have just enough charge to write this and back up my important files.

On the plus side, the insanity of being into the guy and the frustration when he disappeared made me amp up my walking game like a boss. Typically, I aimed for a mile and a half (around 30 minutes) a day when the weather was good, 3 miles (an hour) on days I was really trying to get some exercise. The new standard has become 3 miles on a lazy day, with 4-5 miles as my exercise standard. I have been more into walking for longer stretches to loud music I love than shorter runs, which is probably good while I am jobless. Couch to 5k is still something I intend to do, and want to do, but sometimes a person just needs to adjust their exercise for what they need to be mentally healthy.

Here's hoping the computer isn't screwed.

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  1. Nice job with such a positive reaction (increased walking) to a disappointing situation.

    Fingers crossed for the computer!